Fall Seven Times, Stand Up Eight. Daruchan never falls down!!

Daruchan is born in Jindai-temple, Chofu in Japan. 

Who is Daruchan?

Birthplace : Jindai-temple in Chofu (Second biggest temple in Tokyo)
Birthday : July, 8th(7.8) ←Because falls down 7 times, he stands up8.
Favorite food : Jindaiji-soba (Japanese noodles which is famous in Jindai-temple) and Daruma-senbei (rice cookies)favorite motto : Falls Down 7 Times, Stands Up 8 Times!
Friends : Daru-nyan, Darumi-chan, Bote-kun

He makes everybody happy!

“Daruma” is a traditional handmade Japanese wishing doll that makes us happy and keeps us focused on achieving our goals! “Daruchan-Produce” is producing “Daruchan” with our wishes of making everyone happy. 

Events we have been involved

Daruma gallary

Introducing Darumas and Daruma goods from all over Japan. From very unique daruma to a ordinal daruma!

This gallery tells how attractive daruma is! 

You can feel Daruma Attractions

Daruchan game “Daruttobi”

“Daruttobi” can be translated to “Jumping Daruchan”. 

This is a board game. If you can get more territory than opponent, you be a winner! 


“Daruchan” has been introduced on Japanese famous TV shows, news papers, magazines and so on!


“Daruchan”has been recognized a “Yuru Chara”, which means “loose character” (very popular anime-style mascots character). He has a lot of “Yuru chara” friends!


Experience being “Daruchan”

You can be a “Daruchan”. Little kids to adults, no matter how old you are, Be sure to experience “Daruchan”. Don’t be shy!! 

Daruma dance

“Jindaiji Daruma Dance” used to be admired by everyone 40 years ago. Now, it’s time to make our traditions back!

Painting “Daruma”

You can make your original “Daruma”. You can paint Daruma and some other Daruma’ goods.


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